Nanobubbles for Wastewater

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Moleaer nanobubble generators are the ultimate aeration solution to enhance any aerobic treatment process. The longevity of nanobubbles in water, combined with their large interfacial area, increase treatment capacity without large capital costs or retrofit requirements. See how nanobubble technology can easily take your treatment process to the next level.


Highlight features & benefits

  • An exponential increase in surface area coupled with the strong negative charge of the nanobubbles brings new benefits to the flotation process that traditional aeration methods simply cannot achieve.
  • Moleaer's effective gas-injection technology delivers a high volume of air or oxygen nanobubbles, efficiently maintaining DO and preventing the anaerobic conditions that lead to odorous compound formation.
  • Moleaer's nanobubbles can be used to supplement underperforming aeration systems by applying biologically available DO exactly where it is needed to support the biological process in quick, cost-effective and modular fashion.

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